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Who we are

     Holy Family Church is a Roman Catholic parish in the Diocese of Honolulu.  Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ established his Church by calling twelve men to himself as disciples, who lived and worked with him for three years, whom he sent into the world as apostles to preach his Gospel, following his death and resurrection from the dead.

     That same Church that Jesus established is still present with us today under the leadership of Pope Francis, the 265th successor of Saint Peter, in union with the Catholic bishops throughout the world, who are the successors of the apostles.  As the apostles, in union with Saint Peter, preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their day; so also, in our day, the Pope and the college of bishops continue that great mission of communicating the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

     The apostles went to distant lands and formed new disciples who in turn did the same.  Local churches were established to support the prayer, devotion, and worship of various Christian communities as they arose.  These geographic areas are what we today call "dioceses," which are districts under the pastoral care of a local bishop.  The local bishop is assisted by certain men called priests who share in his authority and are entrusted with the pastoral care of parishes, which are "sub-districts" of a diocese.

     The Bishop of Honolulu is his excellency, the Most Reverend Larry Silva, who has placed Holy Family Church under the pastoral care of Father Rheo Ofalsa.

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