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Sacramental Record Request

The baptized have a right to certificates for the sacraments they have received, which can be mailed to them directly upon receipt of proof of identity.  Requests made by interested parties (e.g. parents, fiancée, priest advocates, former civil spouse seeking annulment, etc.) may also be honored upon receipt of proof of identity.


After filling out this online form, please email a copy of a form of identity to which will be destroyed after verification of identity.  In situations of doubt about a person requesting a certificate, the certificate will be mailed directly to the parish or Church institution requiring it.


Sacramental Record requests will be processed in one to two weeks and mailed to the address provided.  We will contact you should we need additional information. 

Which sacramental record are you requesting? (Check all that apply)
Are you the person whose name is recorded in the sacramental record(s) or are you making this request as an interested party (e.g. parents, fiancée, former civil spouse seeking annulment, etc.)?
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