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The Mission

. . . To gather as a community of believers;

. . . To worship God through the Covenant;

. . . To love as disciples of Jesus Christ.

     Where the head goes, so follows the body.  As disciples, we follow after the example of the Master.  Jesus, the prophesied Messiahgathered the twelve scattered tribes of Israel; re-established acceptable worship to the Father; and conquered the true enemies of Israel (namely, sin and death), in fulfillment of scripture, albeit spiritually and in the most unexpected way possible, from a worldly perspective.

     Likewise, the work of our church follows that same pattern, as she inherits that same three-fold mission, re-proposing it according to the needs of our time.  Holy Family: gathers us together as a community of believers; to worship God through the Covenant instituted by Jesus Christ; that empower us to love in obedience to teh command of Jesus.

     There's a certain beauty to this trinity of intentions: the gathering of the community harkens to the people of God in every age and indicates a horizontal element of the Covenant; in worshipping God through, with, and in Jesus Christ, we engage in a vertical spiritual movement; and finally, a third dimension, that of loving others as Christ loves us, is discovered through our ministry of the Gospel.

     Already the symbol of our faith, the crucifix is the greatest representation of this mission, which in essence contains these three dimensions: the horizontal and vertical elements of the cross, and that third dimension, which is the outpouring of blood and water from the side of Christ.

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