Parish Registration

     Why register with a parish?  How will your information be used?  Great questions!  There are certain practical benefits of registering with a parish.  At Holy Family, we assume that registered parishioners regularly contribute to the financial needs of the parish, and so registration fees or other comprehensive fees for religious education or any other services are often waived for registered parishioners.

     It helps us greatly for everyone to update or verify their status as a registered parishioner every now and then, in hopes of gaining more accuracy of our database.  With our proximity to the military bases, and with families of schoolchildren sometimes registering with the parish while their children are enrolled, our database of parishioners understandably grows over the years.  However, we don't have a system of outprocessing.  And so, when families leave for new duty assignments or migrate to other parishes, their names remain in our system long after they're gone.

     We use your information primarily for contact purposes, which is why the questions in this form relate directly to purpose.  While other sacramental or family information is required at some point, that information can be requested at the appropriate time (e.g. names, ages, sacraments already received when registering for religious education, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, etc.).  For purposes of general parish registration, though, we want to make the process as easy and painless as possible; hence, these few questions of contact information.  We also use this information to send you an annual tax letter (i.e. a summary letter that lists your financial contributions from the past year, which may be tax-deductible).

     We ask that every adult in a household register with the parish.  The reason is because when we need to communicate important information (which is very rare, but with the recent COVID-19 crisis, we find it helpful to have the capability of reaching out to as many of our parishioners as possible), we wish to do so with immediacy, especially if we have to, for whatever reason suspend any of our public services or celebrations (as it happened with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis).

     After you've registered, someone from parish staff will reach out to you to confirm that your registration has been received and that you're entered into our parish database of parishioners.  Thanks so much!

Regular Mass & Confessions

Daily Mass: 8 a.m. (Mon - Fri)

Weekend Masses:

Saturday: 5 p.m. (Sunday Vigil)

Sunday: 8:30 a.m. 11 a.m. & 7 p.m.

Confessions: Saturday 4:15 p.m. & by appointment

Parish Office Hours

9 a.m. - Noon, 1 -4 p.m. (Mon - Fri) and by appointment

Contact Us: 

(808) 422-1135

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