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Sept. 1 - 30: Give Aloha! (HFCA)

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Support our Holy Family Catholic Academy parochial school with Foodland's matching gift program! Here's how:

How It Works

From September 1-30, customers are invited to make donations of up to $249 to participating Hawaii non-profit organizations at checkout. Donations are accepted at any Foodland, Sack N Save, or Foodland Farms checkout. Foodland and the Western Union Foundation will match a portion of each donation.

Individuals must use their own Maika'i number to make their donation (Maika’i card is Foodland’s “store” card and is free to sign up for) . Donations made without a Maika'i number will not be matched.

How to Donate

• At checkout, present your Maika'i card (or give your 10-digit number) and inform the cashier that you would like to make donation to: HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC ACADEMY. If you do not have a Maika'i account, you may request to establish one for FREE!

• Tell the cashier our organization’s 5-digit code: 7 7 5 1 5

• Make your monetary donation (you may donate up to $249 per organization over the course of several store visits). Be sure the cashier reaffirms our organization’s name and amount that you are donating. Donations must be payable to Foodland, Sack N Save, or Foodland Farms.

Acknowledgement of Your Donation

Donor names will not be released to our organization. If you would like to us to know of your gift, please request a duplicate receipt (one receipt to be submitted to HFCA and one to keep for your records). The name of our organization and the amount you donate will appear on your receipt. It is important when turning in your receipt that your (family) name, student(s) name(s) and homeroom(s) are written at the top of receipt.

Full flyer details can be found: [HERE]

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